Being in business for nearly 140 years, we have learned that the little things count. This means starting and finishing your appointment on time; taking time to help you relax; making sure your hair is neat and your clothes look impeccable; and taking more than enough images to ensure you get the best possible portraits. Our skilled photographers, expert lighting and state-of-the-art lab all work to enhance your best features.

Business men and women of all types come to Bachrach when they are in need of a dynamic photograph suitable for publication and business cards. We also specialize in portraits of couples, both for engagement and wedding announcements as well as finished portraits suitable for framing. We can provide color or black and white images. With the advent of digital technology we are confident we can meet even the tightest of deadlines. Please call your nearest location for pricing details as well as group discounts depending on the number of clients your company sends us.


Kerry Healey

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